Academy’s Undercover Professor – Chapter 6

Academy’s Undercover Professor – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – False Identity (1)

Photography had not yet been popularized in this world.

Most photos only existed in black and white, and even then, the quality was not very good, so it was impossible to compare them in detail.

When comparing people, it was inevitable that identification was only based on clothes, age, and overall physique.

It was no wonder they were mistaken.

‘I’m sorry, Mr. Ludger.’

I felt sorry for the dead, but that didn’t mean I should also die, right?

Living people should live.

And Ludger’s identity was very useful in escaping from that situation.

“Oh my God, you’re the new professor at Sören Academy. As expected, the magic I saw back then…”

Veronica’s tone toward me changed as soon as the name Sören was mentioned.

She muttered something to herself, too.

‘I see. Did she see me when I was using magic?’

Maybe that had earned her trust all the more.

Even the officer who had half-suspected me when he was interrogating me immediately bowed to me.

“I’m… I’m sorry for the trouble! Please forgive me for being rude because of the situation.”

“That’s all right.”

While saying that, I thought to myself that the name Sören was really great indeed.

The only magic academy that existed in the Empire.

Even when considering the whole continent, the best Academy was Sören.

Sören’s name was never to be taken for granted, and it was natural to be surprised to hear that I was a professor who taught the students there.

“I can’t believe he’s a Sören professor.”

“At such a young age, he’s awesome.”

The other guards and police also whispered among themselves.

I decided to be more brazen about it since the situation had turned out like that anyway.

At that moment, I was becoming Ludger Chelysie.

“We… we’ll accompany you on the way out.”

“It’s all right.”

“No, you’re the one who’s going to nurture the future of the Empire, so how can we just let you go? You wasted your time because of us.”

“It’s alright, though?”

“It’s because we feel sorry.”

‘No, it’s uncomfortable for me to move around with all of you!’

I couldn’t shout it out loud, so I agreed with a cold expression.

“Miss Veronica, I’ll be on my way. It was a short meeting, but it was nice to meet you.”

I sent my farewell to Veronica for the last time before I left. We had only met briefly, but I didn’t think it was a bad fate.

Maybe she felt the same way, as she smiled and waved at me.

“Yes, Mr. Ludger! Let’s meet again if fate brings us together once more!”

“Well then…”

‘I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’ll see each other again.’

I was safely guided by the guards through the swarming crowd to the train station’s exit.

The exit was also crowded with people, perhaps because it was a train station where a lot of people came and went.

I opened my mouth when I thought that it was the right time.

“I’ve come this far, so it’s enough. I’ll move on my own from here. I’ll feel burdened if you do anything more than this.”

“Oh, yes. Understood. Please be careful on your way!”

The guard saluted me and disappeared back into the station.

As I sent a farewell to them with a light nod, I let out a sigh using all the strength in my shoulders.

I had almost gotten into trouble.

I was glad that they misunderstood me for a moment, otherwise I would have been caught with a fake identity and accused of being an accomplice in terrorism.

But I was sure that it’d be okay now that I had passed the critical situation.

“Are you Mr. Ludger Chelysie?”

At that moment, I felt my blood freezing at the voice right behind my back.

I had not felt a presence from the voice’s owner.

When I turned my head slowly and looked behind, an old gentleman in a rather modest posture was looking at me.

“Yes, that’s right. Who are you?” I answered smoothly as I was calming my surprised heart.

“Greetings. My name is Wilford, and I’m an employee of Sören Academy. I’m here to meet Mr. Ludger.”

“…To meet me, you said?”

“Yes, I heard that the train was attacked. I came here in a hurry just in case something happened, but I’m glad you look alright.”

Wilford said so and opened the door to the wagon he had brought along.

“Now, please get in. I’ll accompany you to Sören.”


I rolled my eyes. 

‘Can I say that he got the wrong person here?’

I didn’t know how long that old man named Wilford was there, but since he was convinced that I was Ludger, he must have seen me part ways with the officer.

It was practically impossible to say I was not Ludger and refuse his offer there.

Most of all, when he first appeared, I couldn’t feel any presence, he was a keen elderly man who had come out subtly after hiding well.

That man…

He was absolutely not a normal employee.


I had no other choice but to get into the wagon.

* * *

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* * *

Veronica, the Vice-Captain of the Knights of Cold Steel, recalled Ludger, who had just left the train.

‘Ludger Chelysie.’

From the first time she saw him, she thought he was an extraordinary person.

Because she had seen it…

His appearance when he had swept away the terrorists with a white flame.

Other Knights might not have been able to see it well because they were far away, but she had certainly seen it with her own eyes, and she had confidence that her eyes were better than her Captain’s.

Even though his opponents were also wizards like him…

Ludger had knocked such men down without a single scratch or wound.

The man’s behavior was natural, as if it was something obvious.

Even when she had brutally killed the terrorist with her own hands, Ludger’s face had showed not the slightest bit of change, 

It wasn’t the reaction of a man who was frozen in fear.

Ludger… that man had observed the whole situation with a cool head.

‘He wasn’t an ordinary person.’

A simple-looking yet luxurious black frock coat with a neat suit and golden thread embroidered over it…

He had a silent impression and a serious look in his eyes.

His slightly pulled back long hair, tied in at the back of his neck…

When she had looked at him closely, he was a charming young man with a sharp impression.

What stimulated her concerns the most was the vigor that subtly radiated from Ludger.

‘At first, I thought he was a royal family member who had hidden his identity.’

The grace that had flowed subtly from Ludger was similar to what Veronica felt when she was confronted with someone who had a noble status in the imperial family.

So when she heard that Ludger was a newly appointed professor at Sören Academy, she was convinced that he could do that.

No, rather than that, she even thought that the reputable name of Sören was not enough to be a medal for such a man.

No one is surprised that fish swim well and birds fly across the blue sky—it was the same for Ludger to hold a position in Sören.

It was so obvious that she was convinced of it right away.

Her intense déjà vu became a certainty when she heard the name.

‘Ludger Chelysie. She had heard of him. A young wizard who had recently gained a reputation. He had achieved the fourth rank at the youngest age, submitted 12 theses to the magic tower, and even redefined one of its challenges, the Langester formula.’

In addition, it was said that he had been appointed as an officer in the military, and he had even made a great contribution in a battle by hunting Cryptid.

‘He said he’s going to be appointed as Sören’s professor this time, right?’

If so, she was curious.

It just so happened that her younger sibling attended Sören.

If she had a chance later, she should ask her younger sibling…

‘How does he teach his class?’


My plan to run away as soon as I left the train station was disrupted from the start.

I hadn’t expected the Academy to send someone to pick me up.

I thought it was out of line, but it was understandable when it came to Sören Academy.

Any professor who was going to the best academy in the Empire would have special treatment wherever they went.

I’m sure Sören was worried because such a high-level employee was caught up in the terrorist attack.

I understood why they would send a person to serve me in a convenient manner.

‘This is a big problem.’

I looked inside the wagon.

There were fluffy red chairs with fancy patterns around them. It was a wagon that I could only think of as luxurious, no matter how I looked at it. Even with how fast it moved, it only shook slightly.

The thing pulling the black wagon was a steamy, horse-shaped golem.

I was so amazed to see the results of the latest magic engineering, made by a mixture of machine and magic.

Most of all, the old gentleman, Wilford, who was driving the wagon, was also quite special.

It was because I didn’t feel any sense of presence until he had gotten close to me. Besides, he was dressed in neat attire and had a sturdy body that his clothes couldn’t conceal.

‘One of the probabilities is that he was once a knight.’

Knights didn’t decline just because they got older. On the contrary, an old knight had to be more vigilant.

They had superhuman bodies and years of experience on top of that.

It was crazy to run away thoughtlessly in that kind of situation.

‘If I try to leave here with an excuse, he’ll obviously be suspicious. I can’t sneak away, and even if I succeed in running away, I’d be chased as soon as they received a report.’

Various other problems were also scattered in my mind.

First of all, it was about the identity of Gerrard that I had used previously.

It was necessary to create a new identity because that fake identity was practically killed and done with, and it was obvious that the process would cost a lot of money and time.

What I needed was not a formal route but a criminal underworld. I would also have to gather information in the backstreets of a city I was visiting for the first time and find a place to stay until I created a new identity.

Having lost my once existing identity, I was no better than an illegal immigrant.

Having no identity was no different from having no civil rights. In other words, no one would recognize me even if I was dragged somewhere and died without anyone knowing.

After considering all those possibilities, I decided to give up running away for the moment.

I had to save myself first and foremost.

‘Let’s not do anything that will make them suspicious for now.’

‘First, let’s just go to Sören Academy. It wouldn’t hurt to think about what to do afterwards from there.’

Clip-clop. Clip-clop.

When the fast-running wagon slowed down, I felt that I had finally arrived at Sören Academy.

As if to prove my assumption, the front window of the wagon swung open to the side, then Wilford spoke to me.

“Mr. Ludger, we’ve arrived.”

Wilford’s words made me stare at the view outside the window.

The first thing I saw was a magnificent and huge gate and beyond that was a vast expanse of land.

The road where the wagon traveled was neatly and nicely paved, and green trees were evenly planted on the left and right, adding sophisticated beauty.

Sören Academy’s buildings, which were standing under the dazzling sunlight, shone brightly.

‘That’s the main building, that’s the villa, that’s the park, and that’s the auditorium, I think?’

Apart from the large scale of each building, I couldn’t even guess exactly how vast the land was.

‘Isn’t this larger than a decently sized city?’

The guard who was guarding the main gate opened the door immediately and gave me a light bow.

As I passed through the main gate, I could see how much magic power existed nearby.

—How many layers of magic circles were stacking up to the point that their original shape couldn’t be seen anymore.


There wouldn’t be a case of a sturdy bastard breaking in through the front door, but if there was, they would become dust and disappear in a second.

Clip-clop. Clip-clop.

The place where the steel horse that was leading the wagon stopped was a building that existed farther inside from the main building.

It was a majestic castle that looked as if it was a tall crown.

“This is the place. Let’s disembark.”

Wilford stopped me when I tried to grab my luggage.

“We’ll be back anyway, so you don’t have to carry your luggage.”


After getting out of the carriage, I followed Wilford through the fountain and past the beautiful stone statues into the building.

The interior was spectacular.

The light that was shining from the window spread gently as it was reflected far into the building interior, creating a cozy color and gently warming up the skin.

From somewhere unseen, a fragrant smell stimulated my nose, and I could hear sounds of birds chirping—it felt as if I was dreaming.

The interior was a sophisticated yet neat design that looked like a piece of beautiful architecture from medieval Europe.

If the neighboring city of Leathevelk had a steamy steam-punk atmosphere, the Academy was much more fantasy-oriented.


-Kid, don’t do that.

As I walked up the stairs following Wilford, employees and students in academy uniforms passed by me.

Every time that happened, I could hear whispers from behind my back. 

‘Don’t tell me they’re gossiping about me because I look like a country bumpkin.’

I felt bothered for some reason, so I occasionally tidied up my clothes or arranged my hair.

Before I knew it, I had arrived in front of a big elevator.

‘I’m going to get on this?’

“This way.”

I got on the elevator with Wilford. I had thought the building was tall enough when I saw it from the outside, but I was surprised once again to see that it had almost 30 floors.

I finally thought that it was really the scale of an Empire’s academy.

When the elevator arrived at its destination, the door opened, and there was a long, red-carpeted corridor with a wooden door at its end.

“The principal is waiting for you. I’ll be staying here.”

“Thank you for your guidance.”

“There’s no need to mention it. It’s my job.”

I crossed the corridor and stood in front of the door of the principal’s office.

As soon as I raised my hand and was about to knock on the door, a drowsy and attractive voice could be heard from the inside.

“Come on in.”


I opened the door and went inside.

“Nice to meet you.”

The woman who was sitting at the desk with her back to the window greeted me.

She was the principal of Sören Academy.

Considering that she could only sit there if she was at least a 6th rank Lexure among the existing eight ranks, she was unquestionably a first-class wizard.

Looking at her appearance, she looked like she was in her mid-20s.

Maybe she had been organizing some documents, as she loudly put down the fountain pen that she held in her right hand and stared at me.

Her white hair that flowed down like a curtain shone even more brightly with the light from the window behind her back.

She had two-tone hair, the outside of her hair was white, and the inside of her hair was a subtle pink.

‘What is it?’

The moment her golden eyes stared at me, I felt an indescribable feeling.

I felt the beauty of her figure in the depths of my soul.

I tried to ignore the strange sensation and spoke in a firm voice.

“I’m Ludger Chelysie. I’m here because you summoned me.”

‘For now, I’m Ludger Chelysie.’


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